From Uncle Elmer and Joyce to Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, there’s something about a compelling romance that captures the hearts and imaginations of pro wrestling fans. For the duo Pretty Proper, their story didn’t start with a chance meeting or blind date but with a trip through the ages. Time-traveling steam-punk Victor Benjamin—known to many by his nom de guerre “The Savage Gentleman”—journeyed not miles, but centuries into the past to find his true love Lady Frost, an ice princess of a bygone era, and life hasn’t been the same inside or out of the ring ever since.

“I just knew I needed her in my life, so I brought her with me,” Benjamin said of his lady love.

Benjamin learned the fine and coarse points of combat through amateur and professional MMA fighting. Now 34 years old, he took up wrestling in 2015 and wrestled his first official match the following year. Although he began his in-ring career as a singles competitor, the 6’1”, 215-pound grappler found a tag team partner for life in Lady Frost.

Ms. Frost, who tips the scales at precisely 10,000 snowflakes, has a longstanding penchant for physical fitness and athleticism. With a background in various styles of dance, as well as competitive gymnastics and fitness instruction, Lady Frost is a dazzling presence in the ring, both with respect to her aesthetics and her abilities. Soon after her debut in 2018, she garnered a tryout match for WWE against Asuka. The bout was televised on Monday Night Raw.

Thus far, the duo has seen action in the Midwest and on the East Coast, including forays in CHIKARA and Ring of Honor. As they continue to make waves in the indie scene, they remain especially passionate about advancing intergender competition in professional wrestling. It hasn’t been an easy sell to promoters who prefer more traditional matchups for their cards, but Pretty Proper didn’t let early rejections change their minds. Now, they’re enlightening bookers and fans alike.

“There’s more chemistry when you mix and match opponents,” Lady Frost said. “Once you expand your field, the possibilities are limitless.” “Equal rights, equal fights,” added Benjamin, echoing the slogan of the now-defunct CHIKARA. They’re formidable on their own, but Pretty Proper is at its collective best when they’re in the ring at the same time. For her part, Frost doesn’t shrink from the chance to land a quick blow against one of her male opponents, especially when he’s busy defending against a frontal assault of strikes from “The Savage Gentleman.” The team often puts away opponents with a devastating combo move, such as their signature finisher Savagely Ever After, a modified Death Valley Driver in which the “Gentleman” launches his Lady into a 450 splash.

While most wrestlers aspire to ply their trade on the grandest of stages, Pretty Proper maintains a modest, yet charming goal to enjoy every moment together—determined to make the most out of their shared career in the squared circle. “We want to make a living and be happy traveling the world together,” said Benjamin. They’d surely leap at a gig in a big-name company someday, but Lady Frost and “The Savage Gentleman” remain focused on being at their best in what they offer to their competitors and to each other. After transcending space-time itself to find each other, it appears that living for the moment is what matters most to Pretty Proper.

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